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Manual Surfing Tools
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The NO.1 is
1、It works together with GoogleChrome/Firefox/Opera/IE and so on.This mean you can surf Any Manual Sites You Want at the same time(Also No Limit on the amount of Surfing Tabs) without the hassle of clicking to change tabs.
2、This is the fastest and smoothest tool i used and keep using with Lifetime Membership today.
3、You can try to use it Free For 7 Days.After that you have 3 choices:
     30 Days Membership/$5.95、365 Days Membership/$24.00、Lifetime Membership/$45.00
     Commission Rate: 40%
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The NO.2 is TrafficBrowser
This is the first tool i used(from 2016/03/30) and keep using with Premium Membership today.
      It is also the fastest and smoothest tool.
2、It has 402+ Supported Sites.You can use the tool independently Free Forever With 7 Surf Tabs,it means you can surf any 7 sites at the same time.
3、iF you want to upgrade,you have 3 choices:
Membership/$15.00/year/12 Surf Tabs
     Premium Membership/$25.00/year/15 Surf Tabs(best choice)
     Lifetime   Membership/$299.0/year/15+ Surf Tabs
     Commission Rate: 5%-25%
4、Join Today And Start To Earn 300% More Credits In 402+ Traffic Exchange sites!

The NO.3 is TabAccelerator.
1、It also works together with GoogleChrome/Firefox/Opera/IE and so on.This mean you can surf Any Sites You Want at the same time(Also No Limits on the amount of Surf Tabs) without all the hassle of No-Loading Captchas or Limits.
2、But i feel it is not so fastest and smoothest than QuickClicker.
3、You can buy it for Lifetime Membership/Only $17.00.
     Commission Rate: 50%

4、You can not try to use it.But it can be 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days!

The NO.4 is TEMBrowser
1、This is a tool like TrafficBrowser can be used independently.
2、Free Membership can use
10 Surf Tabs/10 Sites Templates that you selected.The 10 sites can be changed for free,also you can buy more sites'Templates with the points($1.00=200 points=4 sites)
3、Also you can free use the
10 Surf Tabs for the Viral Mailers(help you read the emails).That is great!!!
4、You also can purchase upgrades for more free
Surf Tabs.3 choices:
     Monthly Membership/$10.00/+10 Surf Tabs
     Semiannual Membership/$50.00/+10 Surf Tabs
     Lifetime Membership/$199.0/+10 Surf Tabs
     Commission Rate: 5%-10%
Auto Surf Tools
HitLeap.com FeelingSurf.fr eBesucher.com Otohits.net AutoWebSurf.com
waiting for you to join.

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