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All the sites listed here can be surfing faster with"QuickClicker"or"Traffic Browser"
Play Games In Different Sites To Earn More Cashs Weekly

3 VTG Surf League Sites 3 VTG Diamond Tournament Sites
Collect Points by playing the VTG Game while surfing on the Surf League Sites and win cash prizes at the end of the contest.

[$1.00-$3.00/Free members get 1/3 of the prize]
Get 30% Extra Points at 1 site;;65% at 2;;100% at 3
Collect Diamonds by playing the VTG Game while surfing on Sites Hosting the "Diamond Tournament" and win cash prizes at the end of the contest.
[$1.0-$3.0/Free members get 1/3 of the prize] Collect 10 Diamonds during the Day to get a Magic Diamond.Each Magic Diamond is a ticket for additional cash prizes.
Top 10 Traffic Exchanges
Based on referral and surfing statistics collected at Viral Traffic Games last week

Partner Sites
Big Pools with Cash Prizes,Credits,ZubeesCoins,VTEC approved,VTG,Promoslices and much more
Partner Sites

For example                             
2019-08-07 - 2019-08-08
5 Traffic Exchanges, 2 Days
2 X $1.25 Grand Prizes + $2.50 Shared Pool
Completing the promo will give you share from the pool, complete it more times and get more shares!
Find claim pages every 67 pages that you surf on each site.
Every completed set of claims is another ticket in the draw plus a slice of the shared pool!

Earn 100% Bonus Credits Commando Surfing!
---Get Even More Credits(upto 200%) With Every Click!
---Earn bonuses when surfing our 2 core sites and any other guest sites.
---Check the"Today's Bonus" Dailyjoin all the listed sites.
---Then click Commando Surf ,follow the Step 1-7 to sync Referral IDS.
  After you finished Step 1-7,enjoy the surfing to grab even more credits!!
1、 2、Traffic-Splash 3、 4、 5、HungryForHits
6、FastEasyTraffic 8、BellasClickShack 9、 10、JustGoodTraffic
11、 12、ElevatedTraffic 13、TrafficSpeedway 14、SiteXplosion 15、
16SurfingWithTheOldies 17RainForestClicks 18Pistol-Packing-Mama 19、WizardOfHits 20、Splash-Wave
21、TrafficAtTheRaces 22、

The 25 Sites listed on, when you have surfed enough pages you will see this prize pages